Included below is a library of both tutorial videos and educational information on various dog training and behaviour topics. Please check back to see more videos over the coming months and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

Also, remember to visit the Links & Referrals page to find links to fantastic YouTube channels from other trainers and behaviour consultants whom I highly recommend.

Confidence building & behavioural enrichment

In this video, Fui demonstrates a no-cost behavioural enrichment game using a shoebox, toilet paper rolls and some treats. Whilst it may seem to be a relatively simple puzzle, it fully engages a dog's mind and senses as they work out how to get to the treats.

You will see Fui's initial reaction to the puzzle being quite fearful due to the noise and movement. With plenty of encouragement and making it much easier to begin with, I was able to help build his confidence to a point where it is now one of his favourite games. The difference between his first encounter with it and now is quite remarkable.

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