Private Consultations

Why private consultations?

  • Convenience and privacy of in-home consultations - I come to you!

  • Tailored solutions for you and your dog - you are not limited to a course structure

  • Problem behaviours are best assessed in the environment in which they occur

  • Not all dogs are suited to class environments

  • Training is best started in a low distraction environment - your home or yard is normally the ideal location

What problems can be addressed?

  • how to start out right with a new puppy;

  • general training difficulties;

  • dealing with "teenage" terrors;

  • problem behaviours such as

    • digging

    • barking

    • chewing

    • pulling on lead

    • jumping

    • not coming when called

    • and more...

  • fear or dislike of

    • grooming e.g. brushing, nail clipping, hair clipping & scissoring

    • body and head/face handling

    • harnesses or collars

    • veterinary visits

    • other pet care procedures

  • and more worrying issues such as dog or human aggression, fears, anxiety & phobias.

What to expect

Step 1 - Get in contact

The first thing is to obviously get in touch with me. Preferably by email or the online contact form, however I can also be contacted by phone.

We will then be able to briefly discuss what you are needing assistance with, and any specific problems you are having. From there, we can schedule our first consultation.

Alternatively, if I believe that a referral to a colleague is needed, I can give you contact details of another professional in my network who I believe will be better suited to assist you.

Step 2 - Behavioural Questionnaire

Before our consultation, I will send you a questionnaire form to complete which will allow me to adequately prepare for our first session.

It is vital that this form is returned at least 5 days before our scheduled appointment so we can make the best use of our time during our session.

Step 3 - Initial consultation

The first session is the foundation to us working together. It will not only allow me to properly assess both your dog and your specific situation but you will also be able to see how I will work with you and your dog.

Based on my observations and the information gathered through our initial contact and questionnaire, I can also provide you with strategies to implement in the short term and give you insight into your dog's behaviour.

We will also discuss potential follow up plans, and scheduling of further sessions, however my final recommendation will be given with my subsequent post-consult review.

Step 4 - Follow up

Following our initial consultation, you will receive a write-up of my assessment and an outline of a proposed training and/or behaviour modification plan, based on your specific, individual needs.

It will include details such as:

  • the time-frame;

  • what the training will consist of;

  • further instructions and information, including homework to be completed before the next session. 

Step 5 - Subsequent sessions

These sessions may include a range of different activities including;

  • Coaching members of your household on how to effectively train your own dog. The principles that you learn will allow you to apply your skills to a range of behaviours beyond our sessions.

  • Hands on training of your dog.

  • Demonstration of behavioural enrichment activities.

  • Behaviour modification related to reactivity, fear, excitability or aggression issues.

  • Observation and education on how to read dog body language.

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