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The drive behind Pawsome Dogs is Michelle's ambition to help people (and their dogs) with the wide range of issues that they can face as dog guardians.​

Building on a background that includes a biological sciences degree, wildlife and environmental conservation work, zoo-keeping and of course a life-long love of animals, Michelle Davies was inspired to become a qualified dog trainer by her dog FuiFui, who has had his fair share of behavioural challenges. You will likely recognise him as the star of Pawsome Dog's training tutorial videos & posts on Facebook and YouTube.

Her approach with clients is understanding and empathetic. She fully understands the sometimes overwhelming range of emotions owners can feel when faced with their beloved dog's behaviour problems, including frustration, embarrassment and confusion about how to make things better. And how to juggle the challenges of everyday life along with the needs of our furry companions.

It is her mission to ensure that clients can depend upon the information and guidance that she gives them. To do this, she draws from up-to-date dog behaviour knowledge and training methods which are not only modern and humane, but also remarkably effective. Having already had to navigate her own way through the seemingly never-ending array of contradictory and misinformed advice that dog owners are given, delivered by a wide range of sources (both professional and non-professional), she knows first-hand how tough it can be to get the right advice for your dog.

Michelle is also a strong believer in the need for dog training and behaviour consultants to meet ethical and professional standards which the public would expect of anyone offering professional services, no matter what the industry. 

To this end, she is currently in the process of formalising her knowledge and experience by completing a nationally-recognised qualification through Delta Institute Australia. In addition to this, she engages in continuing professional development activities including attending seminars and workshops on a range of dog behaviour topics given by both her industry peers and world-leading professionals.

Michelle also is fortunate to have access to a network of equally dedicated trainers and dog behaviour professionals in the Perth region who also share the same commitment to delivering force-free training services. If she believes a potential or current client will benefit from the expertise of one of her peers, she will not hesitate to refer them.

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